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OHM Waterproof Junction Box JOIBOX - JB-W series Female threaded, Free box with 4-way entry JB-WG0606

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Unique 4-way entry allows the ultimate in flexibility for wiring and routing.Female threaded entries allow the selection of a variety connectors based on wiring requirements.


Protection category: IP67
Color: Black/Light gray/Beige
Environment resistance: oil-proof/weather-proof
Certificates/Approvals: EU RoHS2

Product Specifications//
Model Working temperature Weight(*1)
Black Light gray Beige
JB-WG0606 JB-WG0606C1 JB-WG0606BJ -25 to +80℃ 90g

 *1 Weight value is for Black color.


Model Working temperature Weight(*1)
Black Light gray Beige
JB-WG0606E - JB-WG0606EBJ -25 to +80℃ 90g

 *1 Weight values is for Black color.

Applicable CAPCON//

‣ OA-W series Wide range type

Model Applicable cable diameter Numbers of cavity
OA-WW16-04/12(E) Ø4 to 12 1
OA-WW16-08/15(E) Ø8 to 15

‣ OA-W series Standard type

Model Applicable cable diameter Numbers of cavity
OA-W1606/1606E Ø4 to 6 1
OA-W1608/1608E Ø6 to 8
OA-W1609/1609E Ø7 to 9
OA-W1611/1611E Ø9 to 11
OA-W1613/1613E Ø11 to 13
OA-W1614/1614E Ø13 to 14

‣ OA-W series Multiple type

Model Applicable cable diameter Number of cavity
OA-W16-224/224E Ø1.7 to 2.2 4
OA-W16-334/334E Ø2.2 to 3.3 4
OA-W16-402/402E Ø3 to 4 2
OA-W16-404/404E 4
OA-W16-503/503E Ø4 to 5 3
OA-W16-602/602E Ø5 to 6 2


Clamp or Connector selection parameter//
Item Parameter
Connector diameter Ø33mm or less
Thread CTG16



Cable entry port
Attach an appropriate cable gland or a connector at the port in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction.
【Caution】Use the cable gland or the connector properly in order to assure its intended liquid tightness.


Blank cap nut


*Do not step foot or put load on the product. Do not paint the product.
*Do not use this product in oil or water.
*To prevent deterioration, avoid using or storing this product under the following atmospheres.

  1. Outside the range of working temperature
  2. Water vapor contained or high temperature/humidity air
  3. Acidic, alkaline or organic solvent-containing air (See Technical Data "Chemical resistance")

For any other special environmental conditions, please contact us before use.

For Oilproof Type (Rubber color : black)
Do not expose to direct and continuous sunlight.
Suitable for oily environments.
*For non-oily places, use Weatherproof type.
For Weatherproof Type (Rubber color : blue)
Avoid using in oily environments.
For non-oily indoor places. Weatherproof type is recommended.

Wiring precautions

Please pay attention to the following matters in wiring work.
*Avoid direct sunshine in outdoor use.
*To prevent entry of water dropping along the cable, pay attention to the following matters.

  1. Do not place the JOIBOX so as the cable entry is in an upward direction.
  2. When the cable is drawn from higher position, provide a water trap or a horizontal portion.