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OHM Insulation Cap for Ring Terminals OA-QM

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Provides quick and high quality insulation to screw fastened terminals (for 3/4/5/6 mm)

Color: White
Rated voltage: 600V
Certificates/Approvals: EU RoHS2
Applications: splicing and insulating crimped ring terminals of motors, valves and other wiring apparatus.


Model Rated voltage Max. applicable
cable diameter (mm)
OA-QM3-600 AC/DC
Ø4×2 pcs. -20 to +70℃ 3g
OA-QM4-600 Ø5×2 pcs. 4g
OA-QM5-600 Ø6×2 pcs. 6g
OA-QM6-600 Ø7×2 pcs. 12g


1. Connect the cables.
2. Insert the cables into theOA-QM body.
3. Put the cover onto the body.
4. Push down the cover until it makes a clicking sound. Make sure that the cover is securely fixed.

・Use the attached screw and appropriate crimp terminals.
・Make sure that the screw is tightly fixed.
・Pay attention to the direction of crimp terminals. Do not connect more than 2 crimp terminals.
・Make sure that the two claws are seated in the square holes properly.
・After putting the cover on, ensure that the body part does not come off.
・Keep the finger grip part from external forces when fitted in a box.


*Be sure to direct the insertion port downward or make necessary arrangement to keep foreign matters away from entering. Accumulated dust can be a cause of burnout or other damages.
*Do not uncover the product when applying current.
*This product is not waterproof. Use OA-QW products where waterproofness is required.
*Use and storage under the following conditions should be avoided. Failure to this can lead to deterioration of product quality.

  1. Outside the range of working humidity and temperature

  2. Water vapor contained or high temperature/humidity air

  3. Acidic, alkaline or organic solvent-containing air (See Technical Data "Chemical resistance")

For any other special environmental conditions, please contact us before use.