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OHM General Purpose Cable Gland CAPCON OA-1

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$9,999.00 - $9,999.00
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Long selling Cable gland! Accepts wide-ranging cable sizes.

Certificates/Approvals: EU RoHS2
Applications: for cable exits of various electric distribution equipment including control panels, relay boxes, limit switches and motors.

Product Specifications//
Model Applicable cable diameter(mm) Entry hole diameter
Threads Mounting plate thickness Weight
1st groove 2nd groove 3rd groove 4th groove
OA-05 Ø3.5 - 4.5 Ø4 - 6 Ø6 - 8 - Ø17 G3/8(PF3/8) 3 mm or less 11g
OA-1 Ø4 - 5.5 Ø5.5 - 8 Ø8 - 10 Ø10 - 12 Ø21 CTG16(G1/2) 4 mm or less 14g
OA-15 Ø6 - 7 Ø7 - 11 Ø11 - 14 Ø14 - 16 Ø28 CTG22(G3/4) 6 mm or less 27g
OA-2 Ø9 - 11 Ø11 - 14 Ø14 - 17 Ø17 - 19 Ø33.5 CTG28(G1) 7.5 mm or less 38g
OA-S1 *1 Ø6 - 8 Ø8 - 10 Ø10 - 12 - Ø21 CTG16(G1/2) 4 mm or less 14g

 *1 Low-cost version.
Common : Working temperature -25 to 70℃


1. Cut the CAPCON so as to get the desired diameter.
2. Set the screw on top.
3. Install the CAPCON and put the cable through.
4. Tighten the clamp screw to fix the cable.

  • Use only one cable for one hole.
  • Tightening torque and tensile strength differ depending on the material of cable coating and its hardness.
  • Tensile strength drops when outer cable diameter changes due to aging.



*Do not step foot or put load on the product. Do not paint the product.
*This product is not waterproof. Use OA-W series where waterproofing is required.
*To prevent deterioration, avoid using or storing this product under the following atmospheres.

  1. Outside the range of working humidity and temperature
  2. Water vapor contained or high temperature/humidity air
  3. Acidic, alkaline or organic solvent-containing air (See Technical Data "Chemical resistance")

For any other special environmental conditions, please contact us before use.