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OHM Cable Holder CH-TM for Robots

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Lightens dynamic load on cables and air hoses in robot motion!
Diameter variable holder moves flexibly so as to reduce dynamic load. OHM launched the Ideal cable holder "CC Holder" for robots!
These holders can be fixed with band in different ways. No worry about displacement. Choose the one best-suited to your application from three designs.

Certificates/Approvals: EU RoHS2
Applications: for reducing dynamic load on conduits and cables in robot motion.

  • Holding diameter is variable to fit different size of objects.
  • Projections inside holder secure the tube.
  • Simply release the holder with a screwdriver.
  • Holder moves flexibly.
  • Holder state changes by rotating dome nut.
  • Optional rubber bushing for cables and tubes.
  • Positional shift preventing anti-slip packing.
  • Available from two different heights.
  • Positional shift prevention rib that allows banding in multiple ways.
  • Plate type enables direct mounting of junction boxes and other parts.
Model Installation Holder/Stand design Working temperature Color Weight
CH-TM1 Cable tie Cable clip shape (φ20) -25 to +80℃ Black 15g
CH-TM2 16g
CH-TM3 Stand shape (Flat plate with a pilot hole for M4 tapping) 14g
CH-TM4 Cable mount shape (Any size) 18g
CH-TM5 19g
CH-TMH1 Cable tie or M6 screw Cable clip shape (φ20) 15g
CH-TMH2 16g
CH-TMH3 Stand shape (Flat plate with a pilot hole for M4 tapping) 15g
CH-TMH4 Cable clip shape (φ20) 18g
CH-TMH5 19g



Attach the CC Holder.

Secure the object.

How to release the holder//

Insert a screwdriver into the gap in the side of the holder and lift it up.

Set as ”Movable" or "Fixed"//

Anchorage strength changes by the degree of tightening level of the dome nut.

Rubber bushing (option)

Dimensional drawing

Model Applicable cable dia. (mm) No. of holes CC Holder model Color Weight
GCH-TM Ø 3 to 4 (x 2)
Ø 5 to 6 (x 2)
4 CH-TM1
Black 5g

 [Material] Silicone rubber

 Plugging bar (Option)

Dimensional drawing

Model Hole diameter
Weight Dimension (mm)
A B L1 L2
BB-040S 4.0 0.5g 4 5 16 1
BB-060S 6.0 1.0g 6 7 18

 [Material] Nylon 66 (Flammability UL94V-2)

 Rubber adaptor (Option)//


Model Applicable rubber bushing CC Holder models Color Weight
GCH-TM-ADG13 G13-** CH-TM1, CH-TM2
Black 5g

 [Material] Silicone rubber

List of Rubber bushings  Blue color: Weatherproof, Black color: Oilproof

Model Hole dia. (mm) Type Material Weight
G13-09RSE Ø6 *1 Weatherproof EPDM 5g
G13-09RS Oilproof NBR
G13-09ARSE Ø9 Weatherproof EPDM 4g
G13-09ARS Oilproof NBR
G13-09BRSE Ø6 *2 Weatherproof EPDM 1g
G13-09BRS Oilproof NBR
G13-11RSE Ø11.5 Weatherproof EPDM 3g
G13-11RS Oilproof NBR
G13-13RSE Ø13 Weatherproof EPDM 2g
G13-13RS Oilproof NBR
G13-334RSE Ø3.3 x 4 Weatherproof EPDM 4g
G13-334RS Oilproof NBR
G13-404RSE Ø4 x 4 Weatherproof EPDM
G13-404RS Oilproof NBR
G13-503RSE Ø5 x 3 Weatherproof EPDM
G13-503RS Oilproof NBR

 *1: G13-09ARS(E) and G13-09BRS(E) are in a set. *2: Use these models by inserting into G13-09ARS(E). 

Fixing tie (Option)//

■For Cable mount shape holders and Fixing bases 

■ Dimensional drawing

Model Width
Hook & loop fastener
length (mm)
Range of use (mm) Working
Color Weight Dimension A
Diameter Circle
BCH-20-370 20 370 75 - 98 235 - 310 -10 to 80℃ Black 4g 370+15
BCH-20-510 510 98 - 43 305 - 450 5g 510+18

 [Material] Hook and loop fastener: Nylon, Buckle: Polyacetal

■For Cable mount shape holders


・Do not expose this product to external forces. Do not paint.
・Do not disassemble this product.
・To prevent deterioration, avoid using or storing this product under the following atmospheres.

  1. Outside the range of working temperature
  2. Water vapor contained or high temperature/humidity air
  3. Acidic, alkaline or organic solvent-containing air.

For any other special environmental conditions, please contact us before use.