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Cat5e Spring Spiral-Coiled Ethernet LAN Cable

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  • Compatible with Category 5e (Cat.5e) standard of insertion loss (1.7 times or less of TIA standard) specified by ANXI/TIA-568.2-D
  • Special PVC is used for the jacket and it expands and contracts repeatedly. It can be about 28% smaller diameter compared to the ordinary patch cord, about 45% lighter sold at both ends, with a plug processed goods
  • Curl portion can be stretched to about three times.
  • Standard color: brown


  • If the LAN patch cord is wrapped in a tab shape and is always available, such as in a hotel room, there is no need to handle extra cable length, and the installation position of a personal computer, etc. Easy connection is possible according to.
  • Compact and smart storage when not in use.
  • It can also be used for accessories around desks, for POS cash registers, and for permanent connections in hospitals, and you can easily move connected devices using the telescopic function.


  • size x log: 28AWG x 4P
  • Finished outer diameter: Approximately 3.9mm
  • Approximate mass: 20kg/km 

Please note: We do not issue environmental surveys, mineral surveys, or various certificates for this product.